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Faculty & Staff

The Gender Studies Curriculum Team consists of faculty and staff who either teach Gender Studies classes, incorporate gender into their courses, and/or support the work of Gender Studies program. The team works to develop and review procedures, policies, and support structures for the Gender Studies program.

For General Questions Contact:

Susan Williams
Coordinator of Gender Studies
Assistant Professor of History

Stacey Herrick
Educational Support Professional for Social Sciences

Faculty and Staff:

Art History

Kimberly Overdevest
Associate Professor of Art History

Laurie Foster
Professor of Biological Sciences

Mary Lucas
Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Emily Nisley
Associate Professor/Counselor

Developmental Education
Ennis Young
Assistant Professor of Developmental Education

Katie Kalisz
Associate Professor of English

Maryann Lesert
Associate Professor of English

Nora Neill
Assistant Professor of English

Kelly Roblin
Assistant Professor of English

Robert Hendershot
Associate Professor of History

Language and Thought
Gretchen Robinson
Educational Support Professor
Staff liaison for Women's Issues Now student group

Deborah DeWitt
Assistant Professor of Music

Political Science
Gordan Vurusic
Assistant Professor of Political Science