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Student Responsibilities

Student Financial Aid Responsibilities

Students receiving financial aid are required to review and accept responsibility for the following information:

  • Understand GRCC’s financial aid disbursement and refund process:
    • Financial aid award amounts will be finalized on the financial aid census date with first disbursements and refunds beginning 30 days after the semester start date.
    • Student loan funds are disbursed twice each semester. The first disbursement occurs after 30 days; the second after the semester mid-point.
    • Class attendance must be confirmed by your instructors before financial aid is disbursed. Instructors have until refund day to submit confirmations. You should not contact faculty regarding confirmation status prior to the refund date.
    • Dropping a class(es) can delay your refund and affect your current and future financial aid eligibility, as well as available bookstore and Raider card funds. Consult with the Financial Aid Office before dropping courses.
    • Financial aid refunds only occur AFTER all charges have been paid on your account. Charges include, but are not limited to, tuition, fees, bookstore purchases and Raider Card transfers.
    • For more information about financial aid disbursements and refunds, visit our disbursements and refunds web page.
  • You must make satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of your academic program to be considered for financial aid. Review GRCC's Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy by visiting our Satisfactory Academic Progress webpage to learn about academic requirements and how to avoid financial aid suspension.
  • All financial aid awards are considered estimates until class attendance has been confirmed. GRCC will show your anticipated (estimated) financial aid on your eBill in the Online Student Center. You must officially drop classes you do not plan to attend on or before the start date or you will be charged for them. If financial aid provided to you is less than your charges, one or more classes may be dropped for non-payment, if you do not pay the balance before it is due.
  • Be aware that Federal Pell Grant awards will increase and decrease as you add and drop classes prior to the semester’s financial aid census date. If you have been awarded a Federal Direct Loan, you must be enrolled in at least six credit hours at all times to remain eligible for the loan.
  • Your financial aid package is based on information available at the time of awarding. Several factors can impact your eligibility resulting in aid reductions or cancellations. This may create a balance due on your account for which you will be responsible.
  • Financial aid establishes a census date for each semester. Your enrollment and financial aid will be locked in as of midnight on the census date. Grant aid cannot be increased for any classes added after this date. Refer to our Important Dates webpage to view the census date and other important dates.
  • Federal financial aid is earned based on class attendance and completion. Students who withdraw or earn failing grades will have their financial aid reevaluated to determine the amount of financial aid earned based on the Withdrawal and Return of Title IV Funds Policy. Refer to our Application of Funds webpage for additional information. If a student’s aid must be reduced, he/she will be responsible for repaying unearned aid.
  • GRCC partners with Higher One to process student refunds. Information packets are mailed to all first-time students. Review this information and select your refund preference to receive your refund.