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Application of Funds

Students who have been awarded grants, scholarships, and/or Direct Loans will have their awards credited to their account. Students with additional aid in excess of tuition and fees may be authorized for Bookstore Charges and Raider Card Transfers for a limited time at the beginning of each semester. Both Bookstore Charges and Raider Card Transfers will be shown as Bookstore Charges on the student's eBill. Bookstore Charges are capped at $900 for the Fall and Winter semesters, and at $600 for the Summer semester. A maximum of $300 of these amounts may be transferred to a student's Raider Card. Time frames are posted on the Important Dates web page. Any grant, scholarship and/or Direct Loan funds remaining after all semester charges have been paid will be provided to the student through Higher One for use toward other education expenses.  

Frequency of Financial Aid Payments

All financial aid payments will be applied on a semester of enrollment basis.

GRCC is a commuter college with no dormitory facilities; therefore, the college has no charges for room or board. However, for the calculation of financial need only, the college uses reasonable Room/Board, Transportation and Books/Personal figures established by the Michigan Department of Education. The figures for 2014-2015 are:

  • Room/Board - $4,194
  • Books/Personal - $1,722
  • Transportation - $1,809

These figures are used solely for determining financial aid and are not charges billed to the student.

Federal Return of Funds

Federal financial aid recipients who withdraw from all their classes or fail to earn a passing grade in any class during a semester are subject to the Federal Return of Funds Policy. This policy determines the amount of federal aid students earn based on the amount of time they were enrolled for the semester. Federal aid will be reduced and students will be required to repay both the federal financial aid programs and GRCC for the amounts returned to the programs. Students who fail to make arrangements to repay the programs within 45 days of notification will be reported as overpayments to the U.S. Department of Education. Students in overpayment are ineligible for future financial aid at any institution.

Examples of completed forms for the Federal Return of Funds calculation are available in the GRCC Financial Aid and Cashier's Offices. Students are encouraged to review these examples prior to withdrawing from classes.

*During the fall and winter semesters.  $600 is available during the summer semester.