North Building Construction

GRCC Under Construction - Phase 3!

April 2015   The campus is again gearing up for summer construction projects! The most significant work this summer will occur in the Student and Community Center, the Main Building and the Applied Technology Center.   The Student Center will be evacuated following commencement to allow the work to occur.   Here are the temporary locations for the offices and services:
  •   Academic Testing - SCIE 103 and 104
  •   Disability Testing - SCIE 114
  •   Counseling, Career Services & TRIO -  Data Center & Main 55     
  •   Student Life - Main 59 (G2)
  •   Associate Dean's Office, Student Success & Retention - SCIE 137
  •   Dean's Office, Student Success & Retention -  118 Main

In the Main Building, all the restrooms on floors 1 - 5 are going to be completely re-done!!! 

Finally, the glass in the stair tower between the Main and Cook building will be replaced to complete the window replacement project.

      Aug. & Sept. 2014

Library and Academic support staff and services have returned to the Learning Resource Center and have been enjoying their newly renovated space. Soon many other temporarily relocated departments will be doing the same. Here is the move-in schedule. Please call these offices before sending someone to their location to be sure they are available.

Week of Aug. 11:
Records to 156 Main
Center for Teaching Excellence and Distance Learning & Instructional Technology to third floor Main
GRCCePrint front office and graphics to G1 Main
Dean of Student Affairs to 106 Main
Assoc. Provost and Dean of Instructional Support and Interdisciplinary Studies to 423 Main
Language & Thought/Visual Arts Department to third floor Main
Education Department to second floor Main
Dean of Student Success & Retention to 313 Student Center

Weekend of Aug. 15:
Enrollment Services, Financial Aid, Student Employment Services, and Cashiers Office to 1st floor Main

Week of Aug. 18
Assoc. Dean of Instructional Support and Interdisciplinary Studies to 118 Main
Department of Experiential Learning to G2 Main
Remaining tutoring and academic support staff back to regular locations

Week of Sept. 9:
School of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office to third floor Main

TEMPORARY – The School of Arts & Sciences Deans office will remain in the Data Center until after Labor Day, when they will return to 3rd floor Main.
TEMPORARY – The Provost’s office will remain in the Data Center pending relocation to the 2nd floor of the Administration building on the DeVos campus.

    MAY to AUGUST, 2014   GRCC will have five active building projects underway during the spring & summer period!  Work will be occuring in Cook Academic Hall, the Main building, the Wisner-Bottrall Applied Technology Center, the Learning Resource Center and Sneden Hall on the DeVos Campus.  As a result, summer classes have been moved to other buildings and many service and administrative offices will be operating from temporary locations.   


  • Language Arts Tutoring to 103 Calkins Science Center and 201 Sneden
  • Business Tutoring to 231 Wisner-Bottrall Applied Technology Center
  • Math Tutoring to 103 Calkins Science Center


  • School of Workforce Development Dean's Office to 212A Wisner-Bottrall Applied Technology Center
  • Enrollment to 3rd floor Student Center
  • Financial Aid to 3rd floor Student Center
  • Veteran’s Services to 3rd floor Student Center
  • Cashier’s Office to 1st floor Student Center, in Student Life
  • Records Office to 5th floor Cook Academic Hall, Language Arts Lab area
  • Student Employment Services to 137 Calkins Science Center
  • GRCC ePrint Customer Service to 4th floor Main Building, Collins Art Gallery
  • GRCC ePrint Graphic Designers to 4th floor Cook Hall, work center
  • Experiential Learning to Lettinga House
  • Instructional Support and Interdisciplinary Studies to Lettinga House
  • Provost’s Office to Data Center, Bostwick Parking Ramp
  • SAS Dean's Office to Data Center, Bostwick Parking Ramp
  • Education Dept. to Data Center, Bostwick Parking Ramp
  • Language & Thought and Visual Arts Dept. to Data Center, Bostwick Parking Ramp
  • IT – Tech and Happy Room to Sneden Hall
  • Internship Coordinator to 1st floor Administration Building


  • Media to 205 Music Center
  • Library to 224 Wisner-Bottrall Applied Technology Center
  • Academic Support Center to 232 Wisner-Bottrall Applied Technology Center
  • Diversity Learning Center to 118 Sneden Hall
  • Older Learner Center to 118 Sneden Hall
  • Equity Affairs to 118 Sneden Hall

January 7, 2014: GRCC Under Construction - Year Two!

Active construction begins in the ATC in January!  As a result, several faculty offices have moved into temporary locations for the start of the Winter Term:
  • SICE faculty and staff will be working from ATC 122 and 124 pending completion of their area in early February
  • Computer Information Systems, Mechanical & Architectural Design and Manufacuturing faculty offices have moved to the Data Center (Bostwick Parking ramp offices).  They will be moving back to their office space in the ATC mid-semester
  • ATC classrooms -  Most Computer Information Systems classes have been moved to Cook Hall for the semester.  Many other classes have been moved to temporary meeting locations to allow the work to occur.  The work is being done in phases and zones, so as work is completed, other classes will be moved mid-semester to allow work to continue.
  • Open Computer Lab - A temporary student computer/tutorial lab is available for students in Cook Hall 307.  The ATC lab will continue to provide student support in various classrooms in the ATC as construction continues.
  • Due to the ATC construction, several Ferris State University classes normally held in the ATC have also  been moved to other buildings on campus.
  • GRCC and FSU administrative offices will be relocated mid-semester to allow work to begin in those areas.
  • Foot traffic through certain areas of the ATC may be restricted at times.


October, 2013: Year One of building projects officially complete!

The final phase of renovations on 2 Main is now complete.  The remaining eight classrooms were finished on schedule, and the classes that had been meeting in temporary locations have moved into the newly finished classrooms.  A special recognition event was held on Tuesday, October 1, to officially recognize the newly remodeled space as the "Meijer Center for Business Studies."   The completion of this project ends year one of our three year construction/renovation effort, which included College Park Plaza, the first phase (two floors) of the Cook Hall renovation, and phase one of the Main building projects.   Window replacement in the Main building will continue as long as weather permits.   The teams have jumped right into the planning for year two, which will start in January in the ATC.  Summer 2014 work will include the remaining two floors of Cook Hall, phase 2 of Main building renovations, continued work in the ATC, and work in Sneden and the Learning Resource Center.  It's going to be another busy year!


Building Information Modeling (BIM) Briefing Session

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 @ GRCC

11:00AM to 5:00PM

(Free event! - see flyer to the right,  see for registration)


Summer 2013 Projects Updates:

July 25, 2013: College Park Plaza.

The first major project is nearing completion and all floors are now fully occupied!  What happened while folks were away?

College Park Plaza received:

  • New heating & ventilation systems - This will greatly improve temperature quality and consistency in individual offices!
  • Lighting for improved light quality and energy efficiency
  • Ceilings
  • All new network wiring, switches and wireless routers
  • New fire suppression system
  • New fixtures and porcelain in restroom facilities
  • New elevators
  • Some areas also received new carpet and paint
  • The improvements to this building make College Park Plaza our second LEED certified facility!

                                                           Not bad for “Plan B!”

College Park Plaza now houses:

  • The Foundation has returned to the 1st floor and Mezzanine area.
    • Department Secretary – Ann Marie Birr                 Extension:  3939
  • The Grants Department has returned to the Annex area.
    • Department Secretary – Delicia Wilondja              Extension:  2122
  • The Math Department has returned to the 2nd floor.
    • Department Secretary – Kimberly Musser            Extension:  4253
  • The Business Department is now located on the 3rd floor.
    • Department Secretary – Mary Gunderson           Extension:  4220
  • The English Department now occupies the 4th floor and the east side of the 5th floor.
    • Department Secretary – Gail Brown (4th floor)    Extension:   4243
  • The Dental, Radiologic Tech and Occupational Therapy Assisting Department returned to the west side of the 5th Floor.
    • Department Secretary – Brenda Spratling             Extension:  3765
  • The Nursing Department returned to the 6th Floor.
    • Department Secretary – Sue Sarniak                       Extension:  4238
  • Health Admissions is also now located on the 6th Floor!
    • Paula Naujalis   Extension:  4348


Cook Academic Hall – Phase 1:

Floors 4 & 5 are being completely renovated and the project is nearing completion!  Furniture and equipment installation is scheduled for August 5 – 14, with final finishing touches scheduled for the week of August 19th.    These floors will both be complete for the start of the fall semester!

  • The Fourth Floor will now support Nursing, OTA and Workforce Training instruction with new bed labs, general purpose learning environments and a state-of-the-art simulation lab.  The Health Sciences Resources and Tutoring lab will also be located on this floor, with expanded computer resources and study spaces for student use.
  • The Fourth Floor will also have a new Lactation Room to support nursing mothers.
  • The Fifth Floor will have 12 general purpose classrooms and several smaller study spaces and breakout rooms for small group use.  The Reading, Writing and Language Arts Tutoring Lab will also be located on this floor, with expanded computer lab services for individuals and entire classes – two new computer labs have been added!
  • Both floors will now have a “business center” providing faculty with access to computers, phone and printing resources close to classrooms!
  • Restroom facilities on both floors have been completely renovated as well!

Main Building

Phase 1 of the Main Building project includes fire suppression, HVAC work and a more significant renovation of the 2nd floor to support Business Department Instruction.  The window replacement project is also well underway around the building!

  • Interior work on floors 3 – 5 will be complete by the start of the fall semester.
  • A portion of the second floor will be complete, which includes three new computer labs for the Business Department, ready by the start of the fall semester.   The west wing will still be closed for a few weeks and we will move classes into those spaces as soon as possible!
  • Window and fire protection work will continue throughout the school year, and will be coordinated for evening and weekend activity.

Bostwick Parking Ramp

  • The Bostwick Parking ramp is receiving new and improved energy efficient, sensor lighting on all levels.  This will significantly brighten the lighting level and improve safety and security!
  • Automated parking machines have also been installed at all student exit locations.  Students can still use their Raider card, but now students and guests will also have the ability to pay for parking with a credit or debit card!

June 24, 2013:

Window replacement work in the Main Building will begin this week! The contractors will have a lift along the east side of the main building today. Tomorrow there will be two lifts. They will be caution taping them off so students and the general public will be warned of the swing radius of the lifts.

Over the next three weeks they will be taking out and replacing all the windows in phase 1 on the east side of the building. They will start on the second floor, then go to 5 and work their way down. The only equipment they should have on the sidewalks is the two lifts. At night they will be put off to the side out of the way and up in the air for safety purposes.

May 10, 2013:

Active demolition is under way in Cook & Main!  As a result, how we get around in Main and Cook will be a little different for the summer.  With students returning on Monday, please be aware of the following restrictions during this construction season:

HARD HAT ZONES: Closed to all but contractors!

  • Cook Hall floors 4 & 5 - Cook Hall elevators are restricted for contractor use only
  • The northwest portion of 2 Main
  • North end of 4 Main - Credit Union remains open at this time

Navigating campus during construction:  

  • The walkway from the Lyon parking ramp to 2 Cook will remain open.  Pedestrian traffic through Cook to the Main building is allowed.
  • The Dental Clinic (3rd floor) will be operating for the first 7 weeks of the semester.
  • Students and individuals needing to use the elevator to get to the Dental Clinic will need to use the elevator in the Main building to travel between floors.
  • Accessing College Park Plaza:  When directing students to faculty offices in College Park Plaza, direct them to the first floor of the Main building.  They will then be able to take the walk-way from 1st floor Cook to College Park Plaza.
  • Accessing the south end of second floor Main - Individuals needing to visit the education office or classrooms on the south end of the second floor will need to utilize the south stair tower.   Please contact Staci Dever at ext 3380 if you are referring a student who will need special accommodations.


May 6, 2013: Summer Construction Project Overview

This summer begins a busy construction season as phase one of Cook Hall renovations begin this summer. We ask for your flexibility with noise and construction traffic, and we will give as much forewarning and accommodation as we are able. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Vicki Janowiak at extension 3565 or

Both Cook Hall and Main Building renovations are considered the first phase of two phase projects. Fall 2013 and winter 2014 construction phases will include Sneden Hall and the Learning Resource Center.

Here is the construction schedule, much of which begins today:

Cook Hall Capital Outlay Project:

  • G2 and G1 parking ramps are unavailable (effective May 1).
  • Contractors will begin placing Dumpsters for demolition on Bostwick Commons and in Winchester Alley today.
  • Staging equipment is being placed on Bostwick Commons, Winchester Alley and in Cook Hall.
  • Evacuation of the fourth and fifth floors of Cook will be completed this week of May 6; two Dumpsters will be placed on Bostwick Avenue and several in Winchester Alley.
  • Demolition and material deliveries for the fourth and fifth floors begin May 8; double shifts will allow demolition to be complete in five days.
  • The third floor will be retained for dental programs only the first seven weeks of summer, then the demolition and construction cycle begins.
  • The Cool Hall elevator will be dedicated to construction use beginning May 13; pedestrian traffic will be directed to the Main Building elevators.

Main Building Bond Funded Project:

  • Demolition and construction preparations begin today.
  • Will receive fire suppressant and new windows throughout.
  • The second and fourth floors will be construction zones and off limits.
  • The Lake Michigan Credit Union will be closed July 22 through Aug. 9; otherwise, access will be maintained though the construction zone.
  • Winchester Alley will be closed behind Cook Hall, although open for GRCCePrint, AT&T and St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.
  • The English department has moved to CPP; you’ll find its offices on fhe fourth and fifth floors.
  • The health tutoring lab has moved to CSC 103.
  • Language arts and math tutoring labs have all moved to the Learning Resource Center.
  • The business tutoring lab is in the Applied Technology Center.

April 22, 2013: College Park Plaza is now GRCC's second LEED Certified facility.

It’s been a busy 8 months for everyone!  The architects, contractors and our own GRCC Facilities crew have rebuilt the infrastructure in College Park Plaza from the inside out.

CPP has received new:

  • heating & ventilation systems.
  • lighting for improved light quality and energy efficiency
  • ceilings.
  • network wiring, switches and wireless routers.
  • fire suppression system.
  • fixtures and china in restroom facilities.
  • elevators.

March 11, 2013: A mandatory pre-bid meeting for subcontractors interested in bid packages 2,3 &4 for the Main Building Infrastructure Renovation project will be held on Monday, March 11, 2013, at 9:30 AM in the Main Building Board Room (Room 500).

February 25, 2013: A mandatory pre-bid meeting for subcontractors interested in bid package for the Peter & Pat Cook Hall Renovation project will be held on Monday, February 25, 2013, at 9:30 AM in the Main Building Board Room (Room 500).

January 23, 2013: Steel work on College Park Plaza's roof for the new chiller units is scheduled to start this week.  Here's what else is happening with the construction work:

  • Fireproofing patch work of the steel and metal deck is complete on the fourth and fifth floors; the third floor is scheduled to be finished on January 23.
  • Installation of the HW process piping continues on the fourth and fifth floors and in the ramp mechanical room.
  • Dry-wall, metal stud, and patch work continues on some walls on the fifth and sixth floors.
  • The mechanical contractor is installing new ductwork on the fourth and fifth floors.

December 21, 2012: A crane will be parked at the south end of College Park Plaza in late January or early February 2013 as renovations continue at College Park Plaza.

The entire building is being supplied with temporary heat because the boiler and pipes have been removed. A new boiler is scheduled to be installed in early spring. You will also see a temporary enclosure going up on the southeast corner for roof work.

What’s going on inside the building:

  • HVAC ductwork has been removed from the ramp mechanical room, the penthouse, and the second through sixth floors.
  • flooring demolition is complete on the second, fourth and fifth floors and the Mezzanine.
  • the wood paneling has been removed from the ceiling and walls of the fifth-floor lobby.
  • demolition of the ramp level concrete (for future fire pump room) is complete.

The sidewalk on the south side of Lyon Street, between Division and Winchester, will remained closed until mid-April.

November 12, 2012: A mandatory pre-bid meeting for subcontractors interested in bid package #2 for the College Park Plaza project will be held on Monday, at 9:00 AM in the Calkins Science Center Auditorium.

November 9, 2012: Great attendance at the information session held yesterday for interested sub-contractors!  Click the link at the right under "downloads" to view the Power Point presentation.

 November 8, 2012: Special information session planned for interested subcontractors! Check out the video below.

Over the next three years, GRCC will be doing more than $30M worth of capital improvement projects across campus!   GRCC, Owen Ames Kimball and GMB A+E will be offering a special information session designed for potential subcontractors to learn more about the requirements for the projects and how to participate.   Download the attached flier at the right for more information!


October 26, 2012: College Park Plaza is now fully under construction!

  • Have you noticed the fencing that surrounds College Park Plaza?  The building has been completed vacated and the contractors have taken over!  Furniture has been moved to storage and they are currently removing ceilings on all floors.
  • GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all of the GRCC staff who had to do AMAZING things to vacate the building in time for the work to begin!


September, 2012: Beginning Fall 2012, GRCC will begin a 3-year construction project which will impact many of the buildings across campus.

  • Cook Academic Hall – Floors 2 – 5 will be completely renovated to house Allied Health programs and general purpose classrooms for Nursing and Allied Health, Math and English.
  • Several other buildings across campus will have work scheduled to address major infrastructure needs such as HVAC, lighting, fire-suppression, window/exterior improvements and network infrastructure:

    Applied Technology Center

    College Park Plaza

    Main Building

    Learning Resource Center

    Sneden Hall

    Student Center

    Data Center

    Chiller Plant

    Music Building

             Tassell M-TEC

As a result, many offices and departments will be moving, some temporarily and some permanently, as we prepare for and complete renovations.

This webpage will continue to be updated with project information, notifications, timelines and progress updates.   Check the links at the right for additional information!

August 16, 2012 - As part of the ongoing campus construction, GRCC President Dr. Steven Ender’s office will relocate to the Administrative Building on the DeVos Campus as of  Monday, August 20th.  If you have inter-office mail for President Ender, Kathy Mullins or Elaine McCormack – send it to “President’s Office – Administration Building, DeVos Campus.”

August 13, 2012 - Construction work will begin in College Park Plaza during the Fall semester. In preparation, the following departments are being relocated to temporary office locations for the 2012/2013 academic year:

Math offices MOVED FROM:  College Park Plaza Second Floor  | MOVED TO: Cook Academic Hall 502

Dental offices MOVED FROM: College Park Plaza  Fifth Floor|MOVED TO: Bostwick Ramp Data Center

Occupational Therapy Assisting MOVED FROM: College Park Plaza Fifth Floor | MOVED TO: Bostwick Ramp Data Center

Radiologic Tech offices MOVED FROM:  College Park Plaza Fifth Floor | MOVED TO:  Bostwick Ramp Data Center

Nursing offices MOVED FROM:  College Park Plaza Fifth Floor |MOVED TO: Bostwick Ramp Data Center

Moving activity is underway, and will continue through the week. The ESP’s and Department Heads for these departments will all be in their new locations by Monday, August 20, 2012. Please note this when referring students. Also, individual faculty office moves are still being scheduled. It will be best to direct students to the main office for assistance during this time of transition. Thank you!