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faculty with wellness student of the year recipient.

Wellness Student of the Week

Student of the Week:  Brittinea Emperor

Brittinea's Wellness Story:

Taking a wellness class has been beneficial to getting back into my workout routine. Body Tone and Sculpt WE 134 has been a great balance in the week in between the full load of other classes at GRCC.   Body Tone and Sculpt helps me find my center.
It’s awesome to workout with our body weight.  There are so many workouts I have learned that I can do from home.  I went from working out 4 times a week with a set workout routine, to being in college with a full load of classes and working and not taking care of myself.   My transition had impacted my health and overall energy level, but now it feels great to be working out again and learning concepts about wellness and health.  Finding that balance is so important.