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faculty with wellness student of the year recipient.

Exercise Science Student of the Week

Student of the Week: Kacey Grissom

What Wellness Class are you taking, and how is it going so far? Would you recommend this class to others? Why?

I am taking yoga 2 and it is going great! I went into this class hoping it would help with my flexibility not knowing it would help me in many other ways. Yoga has so many benefits; it has made me stronger mentally and physically.  I would recommend this class to anyone! If you have never tried yoga or are a seasoned veteran I strongly recommend that you take this class.

What positive changes are you noticing since you have started your Wellness Class? Tell us something fun about your wellness journey!

There have been many positive changes since I have started yoga. Yoga has helped decrease my anxiety, made me stronger and more flexible and it has also showed me the power of meditation. Having that time to just relax and let your mind go is wonderful and helps me to keep a positive feeling throughout the day.