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faculty with wellness student of the year recipient.

Exercise Science Student of the Week

 Student of the Week: Stephanie Nguyen-Phan

How has taking a Wellness Course through the Exercise Science Department helped you?  What are some fitness, wellness and health goals you have accomplished?  How have you improved your health, fitness and wellness? 

My favorite thing to do is workout.  It definitely helps me when I am stressed and overall it makes me feel good.  I am taking a wellness course here and I love it! I have learned a lot of new exercises and skills that I can take home with me to stay healthy and fit. Body Tone and Sculpt has helped me gain more confidence in myself and also helped me with my upper body strength. I couldn't have done it without my instructor Melanie Schiele-Gady. She motivates me to keep pushing myself even when I want to give up.   I like to motivate others in class because it isn't about who finishes first, it is about working as a team and helping others finish.  I have accomplished believing in myself and eating breakfast every morning.