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faculty with wellness student of the year recipient.

Exercise Science Student of the Week

Student of the Week: Tia Sterling

Body tone and Sculpt is helping me mentally and physically. It is helping me mentally because I am becoming more motivated and confident enough to motivate others around me. I think what's keeping me motivated in this course is that, we work together as a team; we never put anyone down, but we're always helping one another up. This course is also helping me physically because the exercises that we do are fun and encouraging enough to do outside of class, and it also encourage me to eat healthier foods. My mindset now is "if I have a good healthy work out session, why not have a good healthy meal or snack before or after." It just doesn't feel right working out good and eating bad.

What are some fitness, and healthy goals you have accomplished? Some fitness goals I have accomplished is doing what we call in body tone and sculpt the "prescription." It is a 30 minute exercise that must be done daily. Whether I have a busy schedule or not I make sure I fit the "30 minute prescription of physical activity" in at some point. Some healthy goals I accomplished so far are cutting off all late night eating, I used to have to have a late night snack just because it became a bad habit but I forced myself to stop, also eating breakfast, I never was a huge fan of eating breakfast only because my stomach was never up to it, but I realized I don't have to eat a heavy breakfast, I can have something light but healthy that wouldn't upset my stomach.

I am excited to learn new and fun things that I can do to stay healthy all around, I'm also excited to continue this journey not only in body tone and sculpt but where ever I go in life. I want to be able to share with others things I have learned and ways to stay healthy and fit.