Blackboard Collaborate - Voice Authoring

Grand Rapids Community College offers faculty access to Bb Voice Tools that provide a series of tools to create engaging and effective instruction through the voice authoring component (formerly Wimba Voice). These tools provide unique capabilities for foreign language classes, for verbal feedback in assignments, interactive audio discussions and more!

Features available in Bb Voice Tools

Faculty can use these features in Blackboard to:

  • Add a audio and voice to online discussions to engage students with course content.
  • Build engaging and reusable audio course content including podcasts to make the learning experience more interesting and stimulating.
  • Verbally explain complex ideas and convey course material in an audio modality.
  • Facilitate language study by teaching pronunciation, rhythm, stress, and emphasis. Students can also speak and record their voice.
  • Easily create audio and listening exercises for students in nearly any content area, including assessments.
  • Assess students and evaluate audio discussion boards directly in the Bb gradebook, saving time and providing timely feedback to students.