NBC Learn

Introducing... NBC NEWS / Archives on Demand

Beginning in the Fall 2009, NBC LEARN was piloted, implemented, and made available to faculty and students at GRCC!

What is NBC LEARN?

NBC LEARN is a collection of video resources, primary sources, images, and text resources designed for use in K12 and higher education. Through the archives, faculty have access to thousands of video clips, including news footage of historic events, critical analysis, current events and mini-documentaries covering topics from early American history to the modern day.

In addition, the archives bring together a collection of articles, primary source documents, photos and images, charts and graphs, and political cartoons from partners such as The Washington Post, The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, and other content providers.

"In a nutshell, this feature provides access to a wealth of video content that is searchable, categorized, and hand selected by an educational team at NBC. This video content can be easily incorporated into your Blackboard courses!"

An overview of the NBC Video Collection:

  • 10,000 unique pieces of content across 23 collections in K12
  • 28 Higher Ed Collections
  • NBC News Archives Spans 90 Years – starting in the 1920's
  • Universal Newsreels / NBC Radio Predates News Archives
  • All Collections Regularly Updated with Current Events
  • Original Three Courses: U.S. History, English, U.S. Government & Politics
  • Niche Collections: African American Studies, American Indian Heritage, Women's Studies, Hispanic Heritage
  • Teacher Consultants Helped Create the Collection Outlines
  • Collections Follow Scope and Sequence of Textbooks
  • State Standards Correlated by EdGate
  • Original content collections such as "Science of the Olympics"

Benefits of NBC LEARN:

  • Easy access to historic video footage to reinforce concepts.
  • Include the latest video news events into your course to bring the world to the classroom.
  • Bring real-world examples into your teaching and curriculum.

How to use NBC LEARN in Blackboard:

To place an NBC video into your Bb course:

    1. Navigate to your course.
    2. Select a content area link from the left navigation menu.


  1. Roll your mouse over "Build Content" and select the NBC Content. 
  2. You will be redirected to the NBC News Archives on Demand webpage.
  3. Browse through NBC News Archives on Demand to find the appropriate video.
  4. Click on the video and it will start playing.
  5. Select the Embed option to embed the video into the course content area within Blackboard.
  6. You will be redirected to the Blackboard course with the video now embedded into the course.
  7. You can access the transcript of the video using the Transcript call out tab.

Here are a few faculty the used NBC LEARN during the pilot semester:

  • Course - Instructor
    ER145.7453.W10 - Mary Bigelow 
    PY232.5237.W10 - Kate Byerwalter 
    BI101.4679.W10 - Timothy Hoving 
    MU107.7355.W10 - Grace Schwanda 
    CA250.3755.W10 - Sandra Andrews 
    MN214.3081.W10 - Jeffery Tyler 
    ES114.4067.W10 - Juliet Keller 
    FR232.1741.W10 - Hillery Haney 
    BA284.5261.W10 - Catherine Wilson 
    BA288.4293.W10 - Brent Spitler 
    PY203.4299.W10 - Frank Conner 
    EN102.2215.W10 - Steven Beauclair 
    BA103.4001.W10 - Brent Spitler 
    GO203.4713.W10 - Patricia Mullen 
    EN101.2157.W10 - Lisa Palczewski 
    PY233.1593.W10 - Ian Kleiman 
    PY201.1555.W10 - Sherry Rhoden 
    PY100.1495.W10 - Barbara Dyk 
    PY201.1519.W10 - Ted Curro 
    PO101.5723.W10 - Patrick Millard 
    BA209.6910.W10 - Ann Alexander 
    CLS100.7016.W10 - Eric Mullen and Tina Hoxie 
    PY201.7232.W10 - Sherry Rhoden 
    PY201.7233.W10 - Whitney Johnson
    BA103.7144.W10 - Richard Barnhart 

NBC LEARN contains hand selected video and resources from the following areas: (Click the LINK below to search and play a 15 second preview of the assorted clips. If you would like to add a video to your course, please follow the tutorial above.)

In The News
African American Studies
American Indian Heritage
Astronomy and Space
Business Administration
Constitutional Law
Earth Sciences
English Language and Composition
Environmental Sciences
Forensic Sciences
Global Studies
Health & Wellness
International Business Administration
Journalism & News Media Studies
Urban Studies
U.S. Government & Politics
U.S. History
Women's Studies
* Special Collections such as "Science of the Winter Olympics"

Top 25 Most Popular Videos Used in Courses:

1. Bank of America Executives Face Fraud Charges
2. Attachment Theory and Child Development
3. Baby Talk and Brain Development
4. What Works: Pediatrician Prescribes Books, Reading
5. Baby Talk: Researchers Study How Children Learn More Than One Language
6. Small Businesses Consider President Obama's Ideas on Job Creation
7. Stealth Ads: Viral Videos Not What They Seem
8. Sleep Disorders: The Treatment
9. How to Have Lucid Dreams
10. Singer/Songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie on American Indians Rights and Music
11. Opera Singer Bonnie Jo Hunt Teaches Music on Reservations
12. Denmark Leads World in Harnessing Wind Power; Texas Follows
13. How to Avoid Debt While in College
14. Machu Picchu: The Lost City of the Incas
15. Native American Awareness Week Celebrated
16. Capitol vs. Capital
17. How to Improve Your Memory
18. Why Commas Make a Difference
19. The Science of Skis
20. Do Men and Women Remember Differently?
21. Is TV-Watching Linked to Attention Deficit Disorder?
22. Why the Older Brain Can't Focus
23. Americans More Stressed than Ever
24. Traditional Folk Dance From Cuba
25. Psychologist Treats Haiti's Children

Want to learn more?

Please email the Distance Learning & Instructional Technologies Department at: dlit@grcc.edu or access the tipsheets and tutorial page for learning how to use this resource in your teaching.