Blackboard Connect

Beginning Fall 2011, Blackboard Connect at GRCC provides a wide array of enhancements to Blackboard that improve faculty and student communication through email, text messages, and text-to-voice phone calls (including voicemails for unanswered calls). 

With Bb Connect, faculty and organization site leaders in the Community System can:

  • Send critical messages quickly and easily.
  • Deliver timely, targeted, and relevant messages.
  • Extend communication beyond email and announcements.
  • Save time and effort by notifying either individual or multiple students.
  • Enhance student engagement and reach students quickly by sending messages via text and voice on the devices they prefer.
  • Promote active learning with automated alerts when course content, grades, assignments, etc. are updated.

Using Bb Connect in Blackboard - Faculty


Faculty and organization site leaders can send notifications via SMS text messaging, and text-to-voice phone calls to students who have entered their mobile number into the GRCC Blackboard Connect service. Faculty can access the Bb Connect system by clicking on the Professor Notification Tool in the Course Tools section of the Control Panel. For step-by-step instructions on using Bb Connect, please click here.

Here are several examples of using Bb Connect to inform students:

  • Encourage and provide tutoring information to increase student retention
  • Offer extended or online office hours through Blackboard IM for a select group of students
  • Remind your class about a guest lecturer visit
  • Inform your class you will be late or cancel class if you will be absent and make sure everyone knows
  • Let everyone know grades have been posted
  • Update the class about homework and due dates
  • Inform your class about a last minute event they could attend
  • etc.

Resources to help get your students on board:

  • Powerpoint Slide to use in your first lecture when you are introducing students to your course and how you will communicate with them; ask them to sign up for BbConnect!
  • Syllabus or Email message for an easy assignment you can have your students complete at the beginning of your online course. You can also use this as a template for an email or inclusion into your syllabus.


 Using Bb Connect in Blackboard - Students & Faculty

To enable access to text messages and text-to-voice messages from instructors using Bb Connect and to opt-in to receive additional course notifications such as new announcements, assignments, content items, tests, grades, unread discussions, etc., please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Blackboard at:
  2. Click the "Mobile Phone Preferences" link from the tools panel to add a mobile number to the system.

A video tutorial is available here and a tip sheet here.

Learn how to send text or text-to-voice messages to your students using the Professor Notification Tool! Video Tutorial