Teaching Online - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I do with a student who has never used Blackboard?
You will want them to attend the face-to-face blackboard orientations held during the beginning of the semester in the ATC. Click here for a schedule. If the student has anymore questions you will want them to contact the IT Helpdesk at 234-3123. Students enrolled in online courses are also enrolled into an online Blackboard Orientation course.

2. What do students get as far as orientation to online learning?
Student will learn:

  • How to login
  • Overview of Blackboard tabs/interface
  • The main navigation controls for a class
  • Additional support options

3. Are students required to complete the orientation?
Generally no, students are not required to complete the orientation. However, some instructor’s require students to partake in orientation.  Student orientation is very important for effective student retention and instructors are encouraged to provide an effective orientation process for students.

4. How do I make my course available?
Courses will be made available the first day of the semester automatically. If you want to make your course available early, click here to watch a YouTube video.

5. How do I add users to my course?
Click here to watch a YouTube video.

6. How do I become certified to teach online at GRCC?
If you want to teach online at GRCC you need to be certified.  To become certified to teach online, there is an online, 5-week Online/Hybrid Certification Course (OHCC) available through the Center for Teaching Excellence. You must complete a Blackboard Basics training prior to enrolling in the OHCC. Visit the Center for Teaching Excellence registration page to signup for trainings.

7. What courses do we offer online?
Here’s a list of courses approved to be offered online.

8. What if I would like to place a new course online that hasn't yet been offered? 
All courses offered online need to be approved by Deans Council and the Department in which the course resides.  The online course request form begins the process and is usually submitted by the course developer.  

9. What is the maximum number of students that are allowed in an online course?
The maximum number of students allowed to be enrolled in an online course is 22.

10. How does faculty evaluation work for online courses?
We encourage faculty to take advantage of the college's processes in concert with the GRCC Faculty Contract and the Faculty Evaluation Plan.  Student results will not be available to the fauclty member until after final grades are posted.

If you would like to participate in this process please inquire with Institutional Research so that they can assist you with placing an evaluation link in your online course (you can do this even if you are not being evaluated).  Other options may also be available to request and give access for online class observations.

11. Is there a standard online syllabus that we should use?

GRCC offers a syllabus template which provides information designed to improve your syllabus.

12. How do I caption my videos?

If you are using Camtasia Relay you can create a Recording with Closed Captions. Otherwise, you can submit a request to our Media Technologies office to have your videos captioned.


Additional Blackboard FAQs are also available.