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Teaching and Learning Showcase

Welcome to the 8th annual Teaching, Learning, and Technology Showcase!

Your participation is what makes this event unique, diverse, innovative, and successful! It is a perfect opportunity for you to share your teaching with technology experiences with your peers and to learn something new.

Tell YOUR success story related to leveraging technology in teaching and learning... Please consider presenting at this year's event!

AWARD & RECOGNITION! "Excellence in Teaching with Technology"

  • We will be honoring another faculty member this year with the annual "Excellence in Teaching with Technology" award!  
  • The award will be given in a short ceremony to open the event.


  • Location: 2nd Floor Main
  • Date: Wednesday, March 19, 2014
  • Time: 3:00-6:00 pm
  • Registration: No registration is required!
  • Cost: This event is FREE!


This is a unique event for sharing, learning, experiencing, and connecting with your colleagues around the topic of teaching, learning, and technology.

In a nutshell, this is an "eposter/exhibit type" event and it is designed as an informal opportunity to share with and to see how your peers are using technology for teaching and learning.


Click here for the full list of presenters and presentation descriptions.

  • Teaching the Theory and Applications of Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry Across the Chemistry Curriculum at GRCC, Jennifer Batten

  • Online Research Gateway: GRCC Library Subject Guides, Lori DeBie & Nan Schichtel

  • i>clicker Anonymous Polling: Bringing Social Statistics Into the Classroom, Shelia Schindler

  • Just-In-Time UDL, Ann Alexander

  • Educator or Glasshole?, Garry Brand

  • Using i>clicker for discussing sensitive issues, Dan Anderson

  • Using Lecture and Screen Capture, Gary Ebels

  • Collaborative Student Research Using Blackboard Groups, Tony Dykema-VanderArk

  • Evaluating Emerging Technologies at #GVTECH, Eric Kunnen

  • Blackboard Mobile, Megan Stewart


  1. SHARE and LEARN
    Your participation (as a presenter or participant) is what makes this event unique, diverse, innovative, and successful! It is a perfect opportunity for you to share your teaching with technology experiences with your peers and to learn something new! Your attendance will allow you to contribute to the community of practice of teaching here at GRCC. 
  2. ASK and ANSWER
    "How are faculty using technology to enhance teaching and to improve student learning?", "How can I use my laptop in my teaching?", "What are Wikis and Blogs?", and "What is podcasting, and how can I use it in my teaching?", etc.
    Connect with other faculty here at GRCC while sharing innovative teaching practices with each other! It's a great opportunity to engage with fellow colleagues in an informal dialogue around topics of teaching, learning, and technology.
  4. FREE Food!
    Where else can you get a free snack, some coffee, or some juice? :) 
  5. RAFFLE Prize!
    We are giving away one GoPro HERO3 White Edition Camera!


Need more information? What is this Showcase you ask?

  • Picture a time where faculty can drop in and talk with their peers who have implemented technology into their teaching. The room will be set up with tables around the perimeter with laptops for demo purposes.
  • This event is intended to provide faculty an opportunity to explore real world examples of how GRCC faculty have integrated technology into their teaching. 
  • The showcase is organized into "faculty exhibits" around the perimeter of the room, whereby faculty can browse and talk with their peers about the impact of technology in teaching and learning.
  • The "faculty exhibits" will be set up in a poster session type format. Each presenter will have a laptop, and a sign that includes the name, title, and statement of how technology is being used in teaching and learning.

Still unsure about attending? Here are a few quotes from our past presenters:

"Events like this put a fire under our teaching engine and allow valuable knowledge transfer!"
- Szymon Machajewski

"The showcase is an outstanding event that allows faculty to come together in an informal setting to exchange ideas to enhance student success!"
- Eric Kunnen

"This event enables faculty to informally collaborate with each other in ways that were simply not possible before!"
- Garry Brand