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Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award, 2012 Award Winner Grace Schwanda

2012 Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award Winner - Grace Schwanda


Grace Schwanda, Adjunct Professor in the Music Department was the first to receive GRCC's "Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award".

Here are a few highlighted comments from Grace’s nomination form:

“Grace was the pioneer music faculty member who first dipped her toe into online learning, shortly after it was made available to us here at the college. She has set the bar for all other music faculty who teach online and has mentored many members of the department.

Grace uses Camtasia Relay to make her lectures engaging with singing, piano playing, counting measures, and talking her students through concepts and ideas of music. With the use of Blackboard IM she is available to her students every day.

Grace’s lessons on Blackboard are there with tips on how to succeed in class and innovative methods for learning how to become a perceptive listener. The outcomes of her class are enhanced by the extensive use of technology to reach the goals of the class.

I cannot think of any other faculty member who is more worthy of receiving this award.”

One of the student’s in Grace’s online class said:

“Grace, I just wanted to thank you for teaching the music class we just finished. As you can tell, this is not my best subject… however, I really enjoyed what I learned and have a new appreciation for music, especially the older classical music. Thanks for putting up with us and have a blessed Christmas! Thanks again! – Student

Congratulations to Grace Schwanda!!!

The following faculty were also recognized for being nominated by their peers in this program. The following faculty have received a certificate signed by the Director of Distance Learning, the Chief Information Officer, and the Provost:

  • Garrett Brand
  • Diane Sparks
  • Timothy Heldt
  • Gary Ebels