In an effort to stay current, innovative, distinctive, and focused on emerging technologies as they relate to best practices for the next generation of teaching and learning, DLIT subscribes to the following professional memberships.

  1. EDUCAUSE – EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology. It is a community of institutions, organizations, and corporations committed to advancing learning through IT innovation.
  2. ITC (Instructional Technology Council) – ITC provides exceptional leadership and professional development to its network of eLearning experts by advocating, collaborating, researching, and sharing exemplary, innovative practices and potential in learning technologies.
  3. SLOAN-C (Sloan Consortium) - A consortium of individuals, institutions, and organizations committed to quality online education. SLOAN-C helps learning organizations continually improve quality, scale, and breadth of their online programs according to their own distinctive missions, so that education will become a part of everyday life, accessible and affordable for anyone, anywhere, at any time, in a wide variety of disciplines.
  4. MCCVLC (Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative) - The Michigan Community College Association  has created a virtual learning collaborative (MCCVLC) among Michigan's community colleges. This collaborative is designed to allow current Michigan community college students to take courses from other member colleges while still receiving support services at a convenient "home" college.
  5. ETOM (Educational Technology Organization of Michigan) - The Educational Technology Organization of Michigan is a non-profit organization dedicated to the use of instructional telecommunications in higher education with an emphasis on distance learning. Established in December of 1980, ETOM has, and continues to be, a valuable resource for Michigan colleges and universities, related businesses, other educational organizations, and other interested individuals.
  6. miBUG (Michigan Blackboard Users Group) - The  miBUG membership includes K12 school districts, community colleges and universities, continues to benefit from one another’s experiences and shared resources.  

Membership Goals

Through partnerships and memberships GRCC will:

  • Expand faculty services and support.
  • Advance the use of instructional technologies in teaching and learning.
  • Leverage best practices and emerging technologies.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of teaching which contributes to greater student learning and success.
  • Partner, share resources, and collaborate with our peer institutions. 
  • Learn best practices from other institutions as well as share our distinctive initiatives with other universities and colleges.