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Honors Program Advising

The Honors Program offers you excellent advising resources.  Your Honors Advisor is Lynnae Selberg, Director of the Counseling and Career Center

What to expect from a meeting with Lynnae.

  • Help with formulating an academic plan that outlines your initial curricular path that may include graduating from GRCC and/or transferring.
  • Explain general education, Honors Program requirements, and other curricular expectations in terms of prerequisites and course sequencing.
  • Monitor and discuss issues of concern regarding your academic progress.
  • Recommend opportunities for personal growth. 

Meet with me!  In addition to administering the Counseling and Career Center I also advise nearly 200 Honors students.  As you can imaging, my calendar gets easily books with appointments.  Appointments are typically scheduled via email and two weeks in advance.  Set your appointment up today!  I expect to see you you every semester.