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CJ 286 Internship

This course provides a structured and extended off-campus experience in a supervised setting for Corrections Majors. Students work within a variety of professional settings that are related to their major and future career interests. Students are required to spend a minimum of 90 clock hours at their internship.

Students are responsible for identifying their own internship site. As a student, you can find internship opportunities under the Employment and Internship Opportunities link over to the left hand side. On the site, our department has listed several sites on a resource guide you can review that students have either completed internships or are employed at these locations. You can also look for other internships outside of the GRCC website. Internship experiences may be paid or unpaid. The Criminal Justice Department has many connections in the community and want to help students succeed.

When starting the process for an internship, students should use the following internship application to the right of the screen. Please be sure to look at the information guide for more details on how to submit materials to the Criminal Justice Department. You will need to make copies of some documents before submitting them.

If you find an internship not listed on the department website’s resource guide, please contact Nikki Banks at or 616-234-4109 for approval. Once your site is approved, please contact Rachel Crapo at or 616-234-4280 to enroll in CJ 286.