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CO 232 - Linux/Unix System Administration

Course Title: Linux/Unix System Administration

Course Description:

Students learn how to administer a multi-user UNIX/LINUX computer system. Installing, configuring, and managing the system are incorporated into group hands-on activities. Students use the procedures to monitor and maintain the system to prevent file corruption and to enhance use of the UNIX/LINUX operating system. 


What is Linux?  Watch video ( more )

 Sample class recoding of CO 232 Chapter 12 ( Performance and Troubleshooting )

 Student comments:

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know I personally enjoyed the Linux Admin class a lot. I was a normal daily Linux user before and always wanted to learn more about the guts of the system. I was a little weary of the terminal before the class, but now I'm very comfortable in it. I also took shell programming this semester. Now I'm using what I learned in both classes on a daily basis and now convinced my employer to let me use Linux for my desktop OS. Your presentation of the material was great and gave me the bravery to dive in and poke around. I also felt the book was a great book for aiding in discovering things. I really liked the way labs were set up, and if I was stuck, there was a guided walk through of the step."     -- Jason