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Trees in the Bostwick Commons at GRCC

GRCC Today

GRCC Today is a blog for for the employees of Grand Rapids Community College. It was created to:
  • Better facilitate the college culture and keep employees informed and engaged.
  • Consolidate all the news, events and information for employees into one place.
  • Eliminate the prolific 'allstaff' email traffic.


GRCC Today Submission Guidelines

  • To send submissions, email them to
  • All items submitted for GRCC Today must relate directly to the business of the college, or directly to stakeholders affiliated with the college.
  • The deadline for submissions is 5:00 p.m. by the day before the story is to run.
  • Submissions should be as brief as possible ideally (no more than 200 words). The Communications Department will edit for length and content if necessary.
  • An announcment may be run in advance of an event, and then again closer to the date of the event as a reminder if necessary.
  • We hesitate to run repeated entries about an event if they do not contain original content. Our goal is to eliminate repetition in response to feedback from readers, and provide a relevant and engaging source of information. For example, repeating the same post more than once causes readers to disengage, but a series about a particular topic is encouraged when the individual posts are different.
  • Please submit your content as text, images and links.