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Telling the GRCC Story

This department creates connections between the college and the world. We tell the stories of real people and how education is changing their lives, and thus the face of our entire community. We keep the people who work here informed about each other and what they do.

We keep all the internal and external news, promotion, bulletins, publications, web presence, media and even ourselves on target so that our messages have the consistency to convey the pride and impact GRCC creates. It is a Herculean task, but we are up to it! Speaking metaphorically, as creatives so often do, we are the megaphone of the college.

(However, if you want classes in communications or related academic programs, you need to contact the Language & Thought Department.)


A letter to our community:

Much work has been done by Communications Department members to facilitate the evolution of the college’s brand. You've seen their work in press releases, billboards, and more, and probably have asked them to assist you with your work connecting to internal and external stakeholders.
But many do not see the behind-the-scenes work of the Communications Department with the graphics team. Employees in both these groups frequently partner to spread stories of GRCC success within and outside the campus. Therefore, it has been determined that the most efficient way for these two teams to accomplish their work to evolve the GRCC brand is by bringing them together under one umbrella. As such, I am happy to announce that the Graphics team will be moving into the Communications Department.
Consider this: What is the GRCC brand? Contrary to what many people think, the GRCC brand is not a logo, nor signature line, nor even a photo or word mark. The GRCC brand is the perception people have of who we are and what we do, and how that impacts them.
That is why it is more important than ever for the college to have cohesiveness in the materials we produce - to share with people who we are and what we do. Clear, concise and consistent messaging across all platforms positively influences perceptions of GRCC.
Moving Graphics into the Communications Department will create the funnel that allows this team to become our brand “gatekeepers,” working to evolve the GRCC brand – which is directly outlined in CAP 1.1.2 under the college’s Strategic Plan.
The merger is underway now, and we'll share further communications in the future about how the Communications Department can help you with your needs. Don't worry: This does not change how you submit your project requests. Tickets for work will still be accepted through the GRCC ePrint process, or by directly connecting with staff in the Communications Department.
In addition to the move of the Graphic Designers to Communications, I also want to welcome Art Johnson to the Communications Department.
Please feel free to connect with Leah Nixon, our director of communications, at extension 4213, should you have any questions. She is excited to continue leading the communications team members as they accomplish great things.
Thanks and have a wonderful evening,
Kathryn K. Mullins (Kathy), Ed.D.
Executive Deputy to the President and Board Liaison