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Fast Track/On Track Program


The Fast-Track/On Track program is FREE to qualifying students. Students will SAVE TIME AND $600 by passing their developmental education course and moving into credit-bearing courses.


What is Fast Track/On Track?

Fast Track/On Track is an intensive three-week, 14-hour per week learning lab in which students gain academic skills through a combination of web-based and professional tutor-guided activities. Each lab has an enrollment capacity of 22 students. Reading labs use My Foundations Lab and Math labs use ALEKS, with both technologies supported by tutors. English Fast Track/On Track is facilitated by tutors in a traditional classroom method with digital components. Forty-two total hours are spent in each lab over the three-week session.

The Purpose

The purpose of the Fast Track/On Track program is to give developmental students an opportunity to accelerate skill building, so they are able to bypass developmental course work and move directly into college-level courses.

  • Fast Track is designed to help students skip ONE of the following required courses: EN 097, RD 098, or MA 098
  • On Track is designed to help students skip ONE of the following required courses: EN 097, RD 097, or MA 097

Who Qualifies?

Students who took the Accuplacer assessment and had at least one score that falls within the following ranges:


Fast Track Qualifying Score

On Track Qualifying Score





     55 – 70

      40 - 54

           Math – Algebra

     55 – 76


          Math – Arithmetic

    90 – 120

      30 – 75



Students participating in Fast Track/On Track Programs are required to do the following:

  • Take an affective assessment
  • Complete an intake
  • Attend a New Student Orientation
  • Financial Aid process (if applicable)
  • Complete a Student Success Plan with an Advisor or Counselor
  • Complete the Road Map to Success (a pre-semester check list)
  • Meet with a College Success Coach 

Next Class Offering:  Spring 2015 - New sections have opened!

March 16th - April 16th


5:00 PM - 7:00 PM