A tutor assisting a student in the ATC Lab.

Career Exploration (OUTSIDE)

Step 2

The purpose for looking at the OUTSIDE of you or STEP 2 is to become familiar with the World-Of-Work, career clusters and related occupations as well as significant influencing areas such as one’s family, faith, leisure and political preferences. This step can also be referred to as Exploration. In addition, you will want to research potential educational & training opportunities as well as identify other factors that may warrant consideration. At minimum, be sure to read and complete activities and/or suggestions provided within the first two Follow-up Options below as well as explore occupations and areas of interests in the third and fourth options. Be sure to save your results so that you can refer to them when you are ready to consider taking a CLOSER LOOK or STEP 3.

Follow-Up Options:

  • Read and become familiar with OUTSIDE Descriptions/Activities that impact career direction and college major choice.
  • If desired, and you are a GRCC student, contact the Counseling and Career Center via phone or email and ask to meet with a counselor who can help you with career planning.
  • Access from home computerized occupational databases such as America’ CareerInfonet, OOH and MORE to familiarize yourself with the World-Of-Work and career clusters as well as job descriptions, requirements, salary, outlook, skills, education needed, working conditions, personal qualities, etc.
  • Research potential career areas (go to Occupational Exploring). HELPFUL LINKS & HANDOUTS – STEP 2 offers a few websites you may find helpful related to influential areas to explore on the OUTSIDE of you.

On Completion onStep 2:

  • You should have a completed self-assessment
  • You should have become familiar with potentially suitable career clusters, occupations and education/training options as well as supporting aspects within other significant OUTSIDE areas related to your STEP 1 assessment results.