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Career Development offers assistance by providing resources and services that can help individuals to confirm or establish life direction and/or acquire accurate information related to the implementation of so that it will result in good decision making, realistic goal setting and appropriate career planning.

In today's world, career development skills are among the most important a person can acquire. The traditional practice of matching up one's unique personality traits with an occupation that requires similar characteristics is not enough. We live in a rapidly changing, complex and information-based society. It has become increasingly clear to those of us who provide career direction assistance that the role of a paid, full-time worker must be appropriately coordinated with other important roles. These other "key roles" can be son or daughter, brother or sister, parent or spouse, grandparent, student, homemaker, citizen, leisure, etc.

Furthermore, the accelerated pace of changes that seem to be occurring in the lives of a significant number of people, along with the need to respond to such changes, has kept career specialists busy, and at times, overwhelmingly so. Consequently, a continuing, and most likely growing need by many to accurately direct and develop their lives will be vital to maintaining a sense of balance, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Career Development Services include:

Career Planning – For those who need help determining life direction – selecting a career or college major – what can be done with the major selected – career decision making – setting goals and developing a career plan

Career Assessments – Information about career and occupational surveys offered to help you to more accurately identify your unique personality traits, values, skills, and occupational interests.

Job Outlook – Projected job demands for the Grand Rapids area, Michigan and on the national level.

Resources – Career exploration – career pathways information – career handouts – career videos – career materials available in the GRCC Library and other helpful career links.

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