How to Win

The judges will choose as the winning pitch, an idea that understands its market, provides detailed evidence of potential success, and has an experienced, motivated, and dedicated management.

  1. The judges will determine the winning pitch. The weights, different from what they might be in a business plan competition, include: Quality of the Idea and Overall Persuasiveness, and Quality of Speaking and Overall Conciseness.  For more information, review the Idea Pitch Judging Criteria.
  2. In terms of Quality of the Idea: students are encouraged to compete on technology and quality, not price; they are encouraged to know the market, what types of individuals comprise it, and what can be predicted about potential changes; students are expected to show that the idea can create a sustainable competitive advantage.
  3. In terms of Persuasiveness of the Idea: the desired outcome is to persuaded the judges to go to the next step—to have a meeting, to help you network, to give you funding, etc.
  4. In terms of Quality of Speaking: students are encouraged to catch the judge’s attention quickly and demonstrate superb communication ability; students are expected to follow a problem-solution format and make the presentation simple and concrete.