Student Requirements

  • All contestants must be full-time or part-time undergraduate students who are enrolled in a degree program at GRCC.
  • Only pre-revenue ideas will be allowed.
  • Contestants may compete individually or in teams. No restrictions will be made on the minimum or maximum number of team members, although no more than 5 members are suggested per team.
  • No props, prototypes, or technology may be used to enhance a pitch.
  • Contestants have 90 seconds to make a pitch; judges have up to 3 minutes to ask questions.
  • Only after contestants have made their pitch will they be allowed to observe other contestant pitches.

Ownership of the Pitch

  • The Idea Pitch Competition is for students who have played the major role in conceiving the proposed ventures.
  • Students must have key management roles in the proposed venture.

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Guidelines

  • Contestants should be aware that neither administrators of the competition nor judges of the idea pitch competition will be required, nor should they be asked, to sign nondisclosure agreements (NDA).
  • Generally speaking, students should present only ideas and be aware that ideas are very difficult to protect.
  • All public sessions of the Competition, including but not limited to oral presentations and question/answer sessions, are open to the public at large. Any and all of these public sessions may be broadcast to interested persons through media which may include radio, television and the Internet. Any data or information discussed or divulged in public sessions by entrants should be considered information that will likely enter the public realm, and entrants should not assume any right of confidentiality in any data or information discussed, divulged or presented in these sessions.
  • West Michigan Colleges and Universities Group (WMCUG) schools may make photocopies, photographs, videotapes and/or audio tapes of the presentations including the written documents, charts or materials prepared for use in the Idea Pitch presentation.