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Water Technology Degrees

Students in either of the Water Technology programs offered at GRCC take their first year of college classes on our campus and their second year at either Bay College in Escanaba, Michigan or Delta College near Bay City, Michigan.

Increasingly stringent regulations on water quality and treatment have increased the need for trained technicians in this field. Water and wastewater treatment operators control processes and equipment for removing solid materials, chemicals, and organisms from the water or rendering them harmless. By operating and maintaining the pumps, pipes, valves, and processing equipment of the treatment facility, operators move the water through the various treatment processes.

Operators read and interpret meters and gauges to make sure plant equipment and processes are working properly and adjust controls as needed. They operate chemical feeding devices, take samples and perform chemical and biological analysis, and test and adjust the level of chlorine in the water.

Graduates of these programs have gone to work in municipal and industrial treatment plants, engineering firms, laboratories, hazardous waste treatment facilities, regulatory agencies and related facilities.

Students should file applications for admission at one of the transfer institutions and GRCC before the start of the freshman year.

For more information contact:

Delta College: Professor Ronald Sharp @ or 989-686-9071

Bay College:

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