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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Degree

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology (Code 912)
Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences

Heating and air-conditioning equipment make buildings comfortable for work, study or play. Refrigeration equipment makes it possible to safely store foods, medicines, and other items. The equipment that provides these conveniences is complex. Air conditioning, refrigeration and heating technicians are skilled workers who install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair it. Much of the equipment with which they work today is computer controlled.

Technicians in this field are often employed to design, manufacture, install, sell and service equipment to regulate interior temperatures. They often specialize in one area, and may work both outdoors and indoors.

Students in GRCC's program learn the theory and become proficient in the skills necessary to assume jobs as air conditioning, refrigeration and heating mechanics and technicians. They take at least two laboratory courses in their specialty every semester.

A layout of the courses for this program is available on the right.

**Please note: ER class prefixes have been changed to HVA. When you are looking for classes in the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology program they will now be under the HVA prefix.


Information about GRCC HVAC, 2010

1. Air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating is a broad, stable industry that involves creating and maintaining safe, comfortable enclosed environments for people and products.

2. HVAC can be learned at many schools, public, or private.

3. At private schools you pay for everything yourself, the total cost for two years is about $36,000.

4. At GRCC taxes pay for most of the cost, so tuition and books for residents run about $9,000 for two years. Non-resident pay about $12,000.

5. Private schools meet classes fall, winter, spring, and summer for about 1900 hours.

6. GRCC HVAC meet classes fall, winter, and summer for about 1850 hours.

7. GRCC offers courses in topic sequence, learn concepts in order. Complete one 7-week course before taking the next course.

8. GRCC has professional instructors, willing to help students.

9. GRCC has modern, well-equipped labs for student use, at the Applied Technology Center.

10. GRCC supports placement of HVAC graduates.

11. GRCC has a free, lifetime job placement service.

12. GRCC offers financial aid, scholarships, grants, and loans

13. GRCC offers electives in special interest areas such as music, machining, welding, CAD, etc.

14. GRCC offers 1-year certificate and 2-year degree programs.

15. GRCC classes are accredited by North Central Association, so credits may transfer to a four year school for advanced training or degrees.

16. GRCC offers both day and evening classes.

17. GRCC has two semesters and a summer session for a total of 45 weeks of instruction per year.

18. GRCC offers complete flexibility in programming, course selection, and career planning.