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GRCC Worked For Brandon Dillon

Alum: State Rep. Brandon Dillon, 75th House District

Retired GRCC professor Roger Schlosser introduced State Representative Brandon Dillon to his life’s love in a classroom at what was then GRJC and Dillon and political science have been together ever since.

“It’s kind of ironic,” says Dillon, as he rushes from the floor of the Michigan House where a vote has just concluded to his next meeting. “My first semester at GRCC, I had a class in Political Science and received a D-.” He pauses. “The whole semester really wasn’t a good one for me.” 

“I dropped out after that first semester and wanted to just work,” he says. “But I found out the job prospects weren’t too promising with just a high school degree.” So he returned. 

“My second try at Political Science class, I got Roger Schlosser. “He made the class so interesting, it just really grabbed me,” he says. “I’d truly have to say that he is why I decided to go into politics.”

Dillon says he originally picked Grand Rapids Junior College after he graduated from Grand Rapids Catholic Central because “I knew of lots of people who went there and thought it was good. Plus it was affordable and close to home,” he says, “so I was able to get all my basic classes done – and cost-effectively.”

Dillon transferred to Aquinas for his Bachelor’s degree and to Northeastern University in Boston for his Master’s degree. He now represents Michigan’s 75th District and lives in Grand Rapids with his wife and children.
What’s in the future? “I hope to be right back here in the House of Representatives next year.”