International Student Financial Requirements

Self-sponsored Students, Foreign Sponsors, or Government/Private Agency Sponsor: must provide a bank statement certifying the availability of $24,170 United States Dollars.

Students with a United States Host Family/Sponsor: The sponsor must provide a bank statement certifying the availability of $16,000 US Dollars. The US Host Family/Sponsor is responsible for tuition, fees, books & supplies, insurance, some expenses.

Note: Sponsor or host must also complete the Financial Resources form in the International Student admissions application.

Cost estimates for one academic year

Expense Cost
Tuition: 30 credit hours at $359.00 per contact hour* $10,770
Room & Board $7800
Fees $500
Books & Supplies $1500
Personal/Living Expenses $3600
Total $24,170

Sample minimum tuition:

12 credit/contact* hours times $359.00 equals $4,308 each semester. There are two semesters in each academic year and an optional summer semester. There are also additional student fees totalling around $250 per semester.

You should carefully read the college catalog course descriptions to determine the number of contact hours per class required for your program of study. Some classes have more contact hours than others. A class for instance may be worth 4 credits but be 5 contact hours in length. The first number is the number of credits the course is worth; the second number is the number of contact hours for the course. See the College catalog for more information.

F-1 visa regulations require all international students to take a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester (Fall and Winter), but the contact hours you pay for may be greater than your credit hours.

Programs that typically have greater than 12 contact hours per semester are:
Applied Technology, Drafting, Health Sciences Hospitality, and Manufacturing.
International students are expected to pay tuition, fees, and for books at the time of registration each semester. Each student's costs may vary.

* Contact hours equals the number of hours spent in class per week.