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Homeschooled Students

Homeschooled students have the same requirements and admissions process for the Dual Enrollment/Early College Program.

Who can apply?

Any high school student who is:

  • at least 14 years of age with freshman classification or higher,
  • maintaining a high school cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher (submit transcript),
  • meet minimum qualifying scores on State approved tests
  • approved by your high school counselor and/or principal,
  • currently pursuing your high school diploma and
  • desiring to take classes that are not available through your high school.

Applications should be received by the following deadlines for better class selection:

Summer and Fall – April 15

Winter – October 15

What is a transcript?

A transcript is a record of all the classes a student has taken in their high school career and the grades they earned. Each transcript should include two semesters per academic year, and a cumulative grade point average for a 4.0 grading scale. Please see example.

How do you apply?

Send your application, your transcript and a copy of your state approved test scores to the Admissions Office at GRCC.

If I am a homeschooled student, who signs as my counselor/principal?

Most homeschooled students obtain academic guidance from their parent/guardian. In this case, your parent guardian would be required to sign in both the "parent/guardian" and "counselor/principal" places.

Which tests or assessments are approved by the state of Michigan and what are the minimum qualifying scores?

The following tests are approved by the State of Michigan to qualify dual enrollment students: PSAT, PLAN, ACT, EXPLORE, SAT, COMPASS and MME.

The minimum qualifying scores are:


Reading: 1108

Writing: 1100

Mathematics: 1116

Science: 1126

Social Studies: 1129



Critical Thinking (Reading Content): 42

Writing Skills (Writing Content): 41

Mathematics: 44



Mathematics: 19

Reading: 15

Science: 20

English: 15



Reading: 15

Mathematics: 17

Science: 20

English: 13



Mathematics: 22

Reading: 21

Science: 24

English: 18



Critical Reading: 500

Writing: 500

Mathematics: 500



Reading: 88

English: 77

Mathematics: 52