Frequently Asked Questions

What is Accuplacer?

Accuplacer is a placement test required for admission into the college when your high school/college GPA and/or test scores do not meet our requirements. It tests ability of the student in reading comprehension and English (writing). Accuplacer is not a pass or fail test, it simply helps recommend classes based on your scores in each subject area.

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Do the Accuplacer scores affect acceptance into the college?

No. The Accuplacer is only used as a tool for choosing the classes that will best serve your academic needs.

What should I bring to the Accuplacer test?

  • A picture ID (driver's license or a previous school ID) is required. Testing will not be permitted without an ID.
  • Your seven-digit GRCC student ID number.

Are there any study guides for Accuplacer?

Yes. Links for study guides and practice tests are available on the Accuplacer webpage.

What do the Accuplacer results tell me?

The results help to determine the proper level of classes for you in the areas tested: reading comprehension and English. Results are displayed on your screen after you have completed the test and will be printed for you by testing staff. The scores are also forwarded to the Counseling Office for your appointment. Accuplacer Testing staff cannot interpret scores for students.

How long will the test take?

You should plan on an hour and a half to two hours (two to four hours for ESL) to complete the computerized reading comprehension test and computerized essay. Do not rush through the test. Accurate course placement depends on an accurate view of your skills.

What happens next?

If the Accuplacer was the last step you needed to complete in the admissions process, then you will receive a letter from the Admissions Office letting you know you have been fully admitted.

What if I am a transfer student?

Transfer students are not required to take the Accuplacer if they have earned at least 12 college credits with a 2.0 cumulative GPA from an accredited college or university.

Can I retake the Accuplacer?

Yes.  Students must wait seven days and can retake the Accuplacer or LOEP test one time.  No more than two attempts are allowed.  Students must go to the Cashier's Office first and pay a $20 fee in order to retest.