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Math Prep & Learning Lab

The Math Prep & Learning Lab offers services specifically designed to help students prepare for and succeed in MA 97.

We offer:

  • Bridge to MA 97 -  A summer program designed to help students master math skills necessary to be ready for MA 97.
  • Math Review Program - A program run at the beginning of each semester to help students quickly review math skills needed in MA 97.
  • Online Math Review Resources - Blackboard resources to help students who want to work independently to review math skills needed in MA 97.
  • Drop-In Assistance for Math Review
  • Online Resources for MA 97 - Blackboard resources available to help students with MA 97 content.
  • MA 97 Groups - Tutor supported groups for students working on MA 97 content.
  • Drop-In Assistance for MA 97
  • Instructor Referral System for MA 97

If you are not currently enrolled in MA 97 and would like to take advantage of the Math Prep & Learning Lab online resources, please send your Name, Student ID # to and we will add give you access to our Blackboard Organization.

Once you have been added, or if you are currently enrolled in MA 97, our online resources are available on the Math Prep & Learning Lab Blackboard site.

If you have questions feel free to contact us.


Barbara Bouthillier & Nefertiti Williams

Co-Coordinators Math Prep & Learning Lab
(616) 234-2265



Monday - Thursday    8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Closed Friday


Room 106 Cook Academic Hall