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History of the Academic Support Center

Grand Rapids Community College has a long history of commitment to student success through tutoring and academic support. Academic Support Services at GRCC began in 1980 and was directed by Richard Bezeil. At that time, GRCC was Grand Rapids Junior College and Academic Support was a part of the Community Education program. The program began by supporting Math, English and Biological Sciences students.

In 1990, Grand Rapids residents voted to separate the Junior College from the public school system and in 1991 GRJC became GRCC. Through the change, the college remained committed to tutorial support and formed the Academic Support department housed in Student Affairs.

Over the last twenty years, Academic Support programs have grown and adjusted to meet the needs of our changing student population. Today, there are seven subject-specific drop-in tutorial labs, a strong peer tutoring program and several targeted programs that support high-risk classes. Each of the labs is unique and offer slightly different services based on the students they serve. We invite you to explore our website, discover and take advantage of the services we offer. We are all here to assist you in achieving your goals.