ATC Lab Tutor helping a student use Blackboard

Computer Classes for enrolled ELL participants

Computers for English Language Learners (ELL) Adults begins with: “This is the 'On' button.” This class is designed for the beginner; no previous computer skills are needed. In this class, students will learn the basics of Microsoft Word (a word processing program), Microsoft PowerPoint (a slide show program), Internet navigation and email. The class is hands-on; students begin on day one using the computer in their English Language Acquisition (ELA) class. Upon completion of the ELA program, students will be equipped to use the computer for college course work for writing papers, creating presentations, conducting web-based research and emailing.

The Keyboarding class uses a hands-on approach to learn typing. Students utilize a typing program designed to take a student from just beginning to a more advanced level. Students work at their pace and monitor their progress. Upon completion, students have the basic skills for typing needed to succeed in college and the workplace.