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Two female faculty members working together at GRCC

Academic Leadership

Patti Trepkowski, Interim Provost & Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Laurie Chesley, Dean
William Faber, Associate Dean, Faculty Evaluation and Hiring
Dr. Mike Vargo, Associate Dean, Operations

School of Workforce Development

Dr. Fiona Hert, Dean
Amy Koning, Associate Dean, Operations
Paula Sullivan, Associate Dean, Faculty Evaluation and Hiring

Student Affairs

Tina Hoxie, Associate Provost and Dean
Diane Patrick, Associate Dean, Enrollment Services/Registrar
Eric Mullen, Associate Dean, Enrollment Management/Financial Aid


Student Success & Retention

Dr. John Cowles, Dean
Raynard Ross, Associate Dean, Operations


Lakeshore Campus and Regional Centers

Dan Clark, Dean
Dr. Lilly Anderson, Associate Dean


Instructional Support and Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Ric Underhile, Associate Dean


Institutional Research & Planning

Donna Kragt, Dean